The whole world in your hands

Integration with iOS and Android devices, 4k 360° video,
excellent quality of photos, surround sound record, modern design, live streams, a Power Bank support.

Design and practicability

Sferex360 opens a new level of innovation of spherical cameras. The camera body is made in a modern metal style. On both sides of camera 220° lenses are situated and it helps to shoot spherical 360° videos in 4K resolution and take high-quality photos. Sferex 360 has 4 microphones, which can record surround sound, also it has jack for connection with a Power Bank or 220V network.

  • 39mm


  • 39mm


  • 14mm


Compatibility with iOS and Android smartphones

Sferex360 becomes one with your smartphone. Camera uses battery and phone storage for instant creating and saving of 360° photos/videos. Removable jack (magnetic connectors) are included in set for iPhone (5/5s/6/6 Plus/6s/6s Plus/SE/7/7 Plus) and for Android smartphones. Also available recording of video and photos on microSD memory stick for further transfer files into your smartphone using the wi-fi connection.

Compatibility with iPad and Android tablets

Sferex360 becomes one with your tablet. Camera uses battery and tablet storage for instant creating and saving of 360° photos/videos.

Set for video shooting 3D 360°

A suitable adapter enables plugging in two different Sferex360 cameras to a smartphone and recording 3D 360° video. Virtual reality glasses and optional quadraphonic headphones provide for a truly immersive experience.

One step ahead

Create incredible 360° 4k video and photo and instantly share your masterpieces in social media.

30FPS @ 4K
4 microphones
220° Dual
VR Enable
Live Stream
Sferex 360 with a Power Bank

For long-term use of the camera use any of a Power Bank and microSD memory stick.
You can also use Sferex360 for live stream. Connect the camera to a Power Bank or 220V network and constantly stream live events all around the world in the 360° format with the help built-in wi-fi module.

Sferex360 with Mount Energy

We have combined a mini-monopod and a Power Bank in one piece for a comfortable and long-term use Sferex360. Shoot up to 60 minutes of continuous video or stream live events via Mount Energy.

Sferex360 with a tripod

Flexible tripod allows you to fix a smartphone or a Power Bank with Sferex360 actually on any surface with a vertical adapter.

Sferex 360 with a monopod

Via the vertical adapter, you can use any monopod to connect your smartphone or a Power Bank with Sferex360.

Sferex360 with a laptop/PC

Via the flexible mounting you can connect Sferex360 to a PC or a laptop for live stream or communicate on Skype.

Live stream

For long-term use of the camera a Power Bank and a microSD memory card. Sferex360 can also be used for live broadcasts. Connect the camera to the network 220V and continuously Stream live events around the world in the format of 360° with the help of built-in wi-fi.